Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I tried staying focused on my blog topic, but after my experience with LINKEDIN, I can't wrap my mind around anything else.  I literally tried to confirm my e-mail address 10000000 times and it just won't work.  I'm pretty computer literate so the frustration is actually justified for once-ha.  I'm also a little on edge, like every other college student because finals are coming around the corner.  Its like professors don't realize that students take other classes besides theirs.  A test is bad enough but I have professors giving the class tests AND a 10 page paper.  I have 2 classes doing that and then other three giving shorter essays, with longer tests!  It's like AHHH KILL ME!  I'd never blog without being in Viral marketing and in times like this, i use blogging to vent so thank you viral marketing.  I want an A in this class!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Other schools besides Purchase

Due to the Jewish holidays, I missed the infamous culture shock event at SUNY Purchase.  However, the following weekend, my friends and I went up to the University of Hartford in CT for their spring event called Spring Fling.  I heard from my friends at Purchase that culture shock was insane, ridiculous, best weekend ever, etc.  There is no way it was better than the event at Hartford.  First of all, Hartford has a reputation of being predominantly a party school.  Second, there are about 3-4 times the amount of students at Hartford than there are at Purchase.  There were more kids in one apartment than living in 3 floors of the Farside dormatory in Purchase.  As fun as it was, and it was amazing, it kind of makes you sad to come back to a school that, at the very least, falls short of a full college experience.  I may sound cynical or pessimistic, but that is how I feel towards the school.  Maybe if I was in a conservatory or had artistic ability, I would be able to put aside the lack of sports, events and all around chaotic, yet fun atmosphere.  These are things one should consider before choosing a college.  I made that mistake, but either way, I suggest checking out other schools during their weekend events!  SOOOO FUN!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Getting Known

Charlie Buko knows how to get himself out there.  I think touring or performing are the most important factors when you're trying to get known as an artist.  Blogging and twittering is important as well, however, you're more likely to gain loyal fans by showing your face as often as possible.  Charlie performs at the Pyramid club every Tuesday night and every Saturday at a different nightclub in Manhattan.  At the Pyramid Club, which is located in Alphabet city, he battles other rappers for prize money-however, tomorrow, April 21, 2009, the club is awarding him with his own time slot (complete set) which is a huge honor for an up-and-coming rapper such as C-Hus.  Below is the information for the show and I encourage all people, especially those who love the city of NY and like to try new things to come out and have a drink and listen to someone who will most definitely blow up soon!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


so we were told that we were allowed to choose our own subject matter to market and blog about. It took me a while to link something i'd want to market with how i want to use my arts management degree. I took arts management because I want to market/promote music (artists, bands, rappers, groups, etc). I have a friend who is an up and coming rapper. His style of rapping is pretty unique as well. Not unique like every other rapper is unique, but really different. He uses parody and spoofing in his lyrics and music. It's almost as if he's mocking without disrespect to well known artists. He really has a talent and it makes me anxious to see if he'll really make it. I believe he should-with his talent and everything-but now, its so hard to get to a point of recognition. It's ironic that I'm taking this class because it pretty much landed in my lap. Now, I have this opportunity to help him, not only for him, but because I believe those with talent should all get a real chance to make a life out of what they love. His name is Charles Buko. He is a former Purchase College student and now lives in Long Island, NY and is very hard working. He works all week and collects gigs, battles and performances any night he can, not only weekends. He has no preference-he just wants to get heard because he knows what he has. He's never negative, always has his head up. He's a real down to earth guy. I believe in marketing the person themselves, not only their talent. His art speaks for itself-anyone who listens to him knows he has what it takes to get heard, but no one knows him. I think I'm going to dedicate a lot of my blogging to his actual personality and other activities he dedicates himself to other than performing and writing. I'll incorporate that too, of course, but I'll do both.